Immigration Law


Hampton Solicitors specialise in all areas of immigration and nationality law.

We advise and represent clients with the Home Office and before the Immigration Tribunals.

We can advise and assist from the initial application stage to the appeals process in all the immigration categories.


Family Business
Visitors Private Medical Treatment
Marriage & Settlement Asylum
Academic Human Rights
Sports EU EEA


We deal with all types of Asylum claims from all nationalities in country or out of country. If you are suffering from or at risk of persecution we will be happy to assist you in the submission of an asylum claim, whether from within the UK or from out of country.


Tier 1 Highly skilled migrant, investors, entrepreneurs and exceptional talent

Tier 2 Work permit applications, intra-company transfers, sports person and minster of religion

Tier 4 Student applications, extensions etc

Tier 5 Creative and sporting, charity worker, religious worker, Government authorised exchange programmes, international agreements, youth mobility scheme.